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Lego serious play and its impact on companies

In the business world, a tool called Lego Serious Play is becoming increasingly popular. What does it consist of and what is it for? I will explain in the next article.

Lego SeriousPlay was born a few years ago within the Lego company itself in collaboration with academics from the IMD in Switzerland. The premise of the owner and founder was to create a methodology that, using the millions of Lego pieces, would serve the company in its own innovation processes and strategy generation.

With the application of LSP in its own corporation, Lego is the best example that the method works, and that it works very well. In a world of free-to-play digital games, being the world’s number one toy company by sales is no small feat.

We can affirm that the Lego Serious Play methodology is a form of communication and exploration that, using Lego pieces, allows problem solving, as well as conducting very effective meetings. These meetings -or workshops- are led by a facilitator certified in the methodology.
Lego problem solving

The advantages of the game

Companies in all industries and departments in all areas have benefited from the application of Lego Serious Play workshops. Some of the applications that have been improved are: innovation of products, services, processes and the development of planning and strategy generation. Other uses of Lego Serious Play are team building, leadership skills, alignment with building an organizational mission or vision, and so on.

Using Lego Serious Play has many advantages, the main one being the mind-hand connection. Our brains store an enormous amount of information and insights that often only come out when we build with our hands. Those who participate in Lego Serious Play sessions invariably feel that they are able to generate much more information compared to other meetings or workshops. It is literally as if the brain is unlocked for thought and creativity.

What other reasons explain this greater efficiency and capacity for creation? A first reason is that Lego SeriousPlay avoids the inconvenience of meetings, where only 20% participate and the rest are passive observers, wasting 80% of the human talent. In this sense, LSP is a great leveler, because it allows the more timid or less loquacious collaborators to express their opinion, which otherwise would not be heard.
Meeting people with Legos

A second reason is that in Lego SeriousPlay sessions there is a state of flow generated by the facilitator. The sequence of questions, the challenges posed to the members of the group make the information not only generate and flow better, but also make everyone demonstrate a higher degree of participation in relation to other types of meetings or workshops.

A third reason is that discussions or questions are asked about the individual models that people construct and not about the people themselves, their actions or decisions, so there is much more possibility of hearing all points of view on a problem or situation. These and many other benefits of Lego SeriousPlay have been extensively studied by psychologists, neurobiologists and educators in general.

Knowing all this, what are you waiting for to make use of Lego Serious Play?

This entry contains an article by:

Silvia Mercedes Ly Hoja

MBA de ESAN. Degree in Business Administration from Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. He has been Chief of Marketing and Brand Manager at Shell Peru and Grupo Fierro, respectively. Currently, she is a facilitator of the Lego Serious Play methodology and a professor of In Company Programs at ESAN.



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