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Why is prevention important when working at heights?

Latin America has been gradually focusing its forces on the implementation of standards and laws to ensure the safety of different workers from the prevention of accidents; however, there are a number of activities that require particular attention: work at heights. Nowadays, the different tasks performed at 1.50 meters above ground level represent not only a great complexity, but also a constant risk; for this reason, prevention becomes a pillar to reduce the risks to which those who perform this type of work are exposed on a daily basis.

In order to understand the relevance of prevention in the development of corporate safety standards and policies, it is necessary to take into account that the work at heights, if not carried out correctly and under the established regulatory parameters, it can lead to accidents, the consequences of which may be irreparable. Injuries, sequelae, permanent disabilities and even death are just some of the factors that can be seen in occupational accident records.

For this reason, different competent and authorized entities in the field and from different countries have wanted to consolidate prevention as one of the pillars that allow companies to reduce risks and accidents, as well as injuries and temporary and permanent disabilities. It should be noted that in recent years there has been a broad development in methodologies and practices focused on prevention, advice, risk control and audit management, in relation to the work focused on:

Safe working at heights

A well-targeted prevention policy could considerably avoid an accident.

One of the points to be taken into account as an employer is that, at the time of implementing prevention regulations, it is of utmost importance to recognize your role within them, since prevention is not something that only concerns the safety team, as this is a joint work between all those involved, in order to optimize the ways in which work at heights is developed. Remember that prevention must be a constant part of the whole process, especially in the following aspects:

  • Teamwork: The execution of work at heights can only be carried out by expert employees authorized by the company, who must have the necessary training and expertise to fully comply with their duties.
  • Training: Knowledge and constant training is an important pillar for the performance of work at heights, as this helps the correct performance of the work.
  • Protective equipment: To have a work team in charge of inspecting and verifying the materials and technical means for working at heights, especially in terms of their compliance with current certifications.
  • Safety policies: Policies should not only focus on the protocols to be followed during work at heights, but should also take into account the processes to be followed in the event of an emergency. Knowing how to react always makes a difference.

Remember that the safety of your workers is in your hands, so it is always helpful to contact a consulting process for work at heights. Infórmese, verifique las practicas ejecutadas en su empresa y fortalezca su sistema de seguridad empresarial.nd strengthen your corporate security system.



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